New Mounts and Features Added to Elden Ring Mod 'The Garden of Eyes

The popular Elden Ring mod 'The Garden of Eyes' has introduced a series of new mounts, adding greater depth and uniqueness to the gaming experience. The latest update brings custom skins for the horses, each equipped with a distinctive whistle. Players can now summon different steeds based on their starting class. For example, the Nomad Merchant class can summon a mule, while the Starcaller class has the Falling Star beast. The fire monks will have a brand-new horse design that complements their theme.

What sets these mounts apart, according to the modders, are the unique animations that come with each of them. They display individual animations when being summoned and during jumps, amplifying the identity of each mount beyond mere visual changes. This update is part of a bigger plan to enhance the gameplay for all new starting classes. While the modders hinted at more surprises to come, they also shared that much work was happening behind the scenes.

The Garden of Eyes mod is currently available in early access to Patreon subscribers of the Hunter tier (€5+VAT monthly) or higher. The mod already features a plethora of additions, including over 30 new weapons and skills, 35 new spells, 13 new armors, new bosses, talismans, and a unique gun parrying feature. The creators promise even more elements to come.

This particular mod is one among numerous Elden Ring mods that aim to enhance and expand the game's experience. These include the Reforged mod that overhauls gameplay mechanics and balance; the Diablo Style loot mod introducing a large amount of randomized loot; the Invasions mod brings new NPC invaders to increase the game's challenge level; the Convergence mod that revamps areas, adds weapons, spells, and improves graphics; and the Seamless Co-op mod for easier group-ups without the game's default limitations.

For players with an RTX 40 graphics card, PureDark has released a DLSS 3 mod that adds DLSS Frame Generation into Elden Ring, boosting performance significantly. With the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, the Elden Ring modding community is set to deliver even more customization and improvements, promising an exciting future for this already popular game.