Step into New Worlds with the Top 5 Alternatives to Detroit: Become Human

Adventure, thrill, mystery, and a dash of danger - video games take us on epic journeys. When it comes to captivating third-person adventure games, Quantic Dream's 'Detroit: Become Human' has undoubtedly made a significant impact, presenting a thrilling narrative-driven game-play rich in interactive storytelling and character development. If you enjoyed the deep, branching narratives and moral dilemmas prevalent in Detroit: Become Human, you'd appreciate this curated list of alternatives. Explore vintage cityscapes, combat dystopian regimes, navigate morally murky waters, or honor a pact with death itself in these five standout games reminiscent of Detroit: Become Human.

1. Heavy Rain

Hevy Rain game

Like Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain is another brilliant creation of Quantic Dream. Intense, interactive, and immersive, this psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, assigning you the challenging task of unfolding a dark mystery.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

Heavy Rain places an empathic emphasis on decision-making and moral conflicts, just as Detroit: Become Human. Although replete with action sequences, quick-time events, and problem-solving, the primary interest lies in narrative divergence, with the storyline altering according to players' choices and actions. The narrative revolves around the "Origami Killer", a serial murderer who drowns victims during the fall season. You control four characters, including an FBI profiler and a private detective, each with their unique perspectives and contributions to the plot. Set in a gloomy, rain-soaked city, Heavy Rain delivers an intense, melancholic atmosphere that ratchets up tension at every turn.

2. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls game

Beyond: Two Souls is a cinematic, character-driven game developed, like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, by Quantic Dream. Enriched with emotional depth and meaningful choices, it invites players to experience an intense character journey.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie Holmes, portrayed by Hollywood actress Ellen Page, and her invisible companion, a supernatural entity named Aiden. The game is structured around various stages of Jodie's life, moving back and forth in time and showcasing her struggles with her unique condition and her quest for identity. The gameplay chiefly involves dialogue options and interactive environments, with plenty of branching narratives based on choices made during critical moments. The environment is highly detailed and realistic, contributing to the pervasive atmosphere of tension, drama, and intrigue.

3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided game

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, developed by Eidos Montréal, carves out a dystopian world where cybernetically augmented humans are pushed to societal margins, presenting players with a morally complex narrative.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

In the game, you control Adam Jensen, a cybernetically enhanced former security officer, now a member of a task force countering augmented terrorists. The game is noteworthy for blending first-person shooter, stealth, and role-playing elements. Its immersive narrative deploys a potent mix of dialogue-based choices and actions, taking you through the heart of a conspiracy. You unravel this conspiracy in a futuristic, dystopian world teetering on the brink of chaos, giving a deep, human-centric look at the impact of technological advances.

4. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite logo

BioShock Infinite, developed by Irrational Games, is a first-person shooter with strong narrative components and thematic complexities. It grapples with profound issues such as predestination, racism, and American exceptionalism.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

You play as Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former member of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. His mission is to rescue Elizabeth, a woman trapped in the floating city of Columbia since birth. The game ingeniously blends interesting firearms and powerful abilities granted through 'vigors'. Spectacular story revelations, participant-driven decisions, and the complicated relationship between Booker and Elizabeth intensify this game's depth. BioShock Infinite will captivate players with its distinctive steampunk settings, floating cityscapes, and a colorfully brutal vision of early 20th-century America.

5. The Last of Us

The last of us game

Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us is an action-adventure game renowned for its engrossing storytelling, compelling characters, and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Gameplay, Story and Setting

You venture out as Joel, a hardened survivor, tasked with smuggling Ellie, a young girl, out of a quarantined zone in a post-apocalyptic world. This game transcends traditional Zombie apocalypse plots with its emotional intensity and in-depth characterization, focusing on the burgeoning relationship between Joel and Ellie. The Last of Us brilliantly combines stealth, resource scavenging, and a cover-based combat system. With its narrative grandeur, unforgettable characters, and exquisitely detailed post-apocalyptic settings, the game immerses players in a world unlike any other. From the very beginning, The Last of Us sets the stage for an emotional journey that grips players from start to finish.