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Gacha Life is a game that falls under the "freemium", which means the player can play the game for free, but will have to pay for certain aspects of the game.

Gacha Life review

The game is a role playing, online, adventure game that is a choose your own adventure styled game. The game is played by creating a character, then becoming that character. The player can interact with other players, NPC's and many different characters with different personalities and backstories.


In this game, you can create your own anime character that has a different hairstyle, eyes, mouth, clothes and many many more. You can create your own story with your character and you can also chat with a lot of people in Gacha Life. These people will give you some information about the story and your own character.


Gacha Life has 2D graphics style. Characters are cute and cartoonish. The game is overall made in anime style. Like in most gacha games, there is a lot of text to read through.


Gacha Life has a huge social aspect, so I'd say its replayability is pretty good. I would say the game is more than just a cute dress-up game. It has a lot of depth and it's a great game for people who are into anime or Japanese culture. I have had many people tell me that this game is addicting. I would agree with that. It's just fun to create your own characters and see where they take you. I would say this game is highly replayable.


Gacha Life is a great game with many different features, such as the Studio mode, Life mode, and the Gacha games. I think this game is highly replayable and it is fun to play. I think this game will be fun for people who like to make their own characters or who like to play dress-up games. I would rate this game 8/10.



  • Free
  • Easy to play
  • Cute characters
  • Customizability.


  • You need internet.
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9

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